C.J. Martin



C.J. Martin lives in Lockhart, TX, where he co-edits Dos Press with Julia Drescher. He is a contributing editor for Little Red Leaves and LRL e-editions. He is the author of Two Books (Compline, 2011), 1978 (Self-published, 2010), Lo, Bittern (Atticus/Finch, 2008), and City (Vigilance Society, 2007).

The jacket and interior cover of What Is Worship? 3: Hold me tight. Make me happy are letter pressed on Arches Rives and Canson Edition papers using an 18-point 20th Century font.








WIW?3 is 32 pages. Of the 120 printed books, 70 have an optional additional slipcover, each unique and handmade:


We are sold out C.J.’s book, but you can read about it here:

Experiments in Text: The Literature that Organisms Demand


Damn the Caesars