Michael Cross



Michael Cross is the author of In Felt Treeling (Chax, 2008) and Haecceities (Cuneiform Press, 2010) and editor of Compline and On: Contemporary Practice (w/ Thom Donovan). Other projects include Involuntary Vision: after Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams (Avenue B, 2003), Building is a process / Light is an element: Essays and Excursions for Myung Mi Kim (w/ Andrew Rippeon, Queue Books, 2008), and a forthcoming edition of the George Oppen Memorial Lectures. He is currently rewriting a dissertation on Louis Zukofsky, and continuing work on a short monograph on the work of Leslie Scalapino. He lives in Oakland where he studies 21st century poetry and blogs at disinhibitor.blogspot.com.








The Katechon was printed on Somerset paper from photopolymer plates using a Vandercook 4 letterpress and handbound in a case-binding structure with Iris bookcloth. It is 7.75″ X 7.75″ in an edition of 70.


We are sold out of Michael’s book but you can read it about it here:

Drunken Boat