Dear Friends:

Here we are again. Another year, another dollar.

Delete Press will be accepting submissions of full-length poetry manuscripts from now until April 30, 2018. No chapbooks: full-length poetry manuscripts only. Our definitions of “poetry” are loose. Translations are welcome if accompanied by the original language and the translator acquires permissions.

From what we receive we’ll pick at least one (and knowing us, very likely more) for print publication with all the bells and whistles.

Unfortunately, Delete Press is unable to promise monetary payment and we will sign no contracts. We will, however, do right by your manuscript, your book, and you will receive 10% of the edition. All revenues will be rolled back into the press and future books. There is no fee to submit.

Please attach your manuscript to an email and send it to:

Including a bio is fine. We will disregard it.

The chosen manuscript(s) will be announced sometime over the summer. The basis for our choice(s) will be ours, the editors. We have broad palettes and infinite obsessions. Check out our chapbooks and the various aspects of Delete. We enjoy deviance. Don’t hesitate to send, we want to read it.

Diversity: yes. Prejudice: none and many.

We look forward to your book becoming the next installment in our full-length series.

All the best,