The Real Ethereal Katie Naughton

About halfway through first reading The Real Ethereal, I discovered myself whispering. The words had moved from my mind to my mouth unbidden, for these poems, their serious music, their urgent address, demand to live in the air. –Julie Carr

Naughton is a spare poet of life’s wild abundance, practicing poetry’s oldest motions, the garland and the crown, weaving together inner life with worldly experience, stitching day to day, asking what the hours are in hopes of honoring what the days bring. –Dan Beachy-Quick

Naughton weaves a Rilkean tree in the ear, exhales soft arias of dailiness and probes the dim auras of ordinary objects, parsing the real ethereal at once seen through and opaque, meshes of afternoons in which we gladly become entangled. –Stephen Collis

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