Brenda Iijima

Going Blooming Falling Blooming was printed from photopolymer plates on a Vandercook letterpress. It is hardback, 32 pages, and includes handmade paper endsheets (cotton/abaca). Edition of 100 / Year 2013.

Brenda Iijima’s forthcoming book, Untimely Death is Driven Beyond the Horizon will be published by 1913 Press. She is the editor of the eco language reader (Nightboat Books). She runs Portable Press @ Yo—Yo Labs and lives in Brooklyn. Going Blooming Falling Blooming is a lyrical confrontation with the mediated experiences of contemporaneity governed by capital affecting the body-biome epigenetically and penetrating subcutaneously.

Sold Out.

Culpability Human Complex (1:35)
Posture, Gloved Hands (1:15)
Originally Looking for the Roots (1:13)
Suspended Animation (1:30)
Drama Cum Drama (1:50)
Maybe You Hate It (2:01)


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