C.J. Martin

The jacket and interior cover of What Is Worship? 3: Hold me tight. Make me happy are letter pressed on Arches Rives and Canson Edition papers using an 18-point 20th Century font.

WIW?3 is 32 pages. Of the 120 printed books, 70 have an optional additional slipcover, each unique and handmade.

Sold out.

C.J. Martin lives in Lockhart, TX, where he co-edits Dos Press with Julia Drescher. He is a contributing editor for Little Red Leaves and LRL e-editions. He is the author of Two Books (Compline, 2011), 1978 (Self-published, 2010), Lo, Bittern (Atticus/Finch, 2008), and City (Vigilance Society, 2007).