Black Circle

Joel Chace

Black Circle is a collection of 13 prints (7.5″ X 10″) printed on Crane Lettra paper with a Vandercook letterpress using photopolymer plates, wood and linoleum cuts, concrete, slate, granite and plexiglass. The prints are contained in a handmade wrapper using black linen Neenah paper. Edition of 65 / Year 2012.

Statement about Black Circle

After creating and/or collecting these pairs of sentences, I literally cut up, with scissors, each sentence into its component words and punctuation marks, and then sprinkle or drop them onto a blank sheet of paper; once each component finds its place, I affix it, using good old invisible tape. My hope is that each completed page contains two sentences (separated by over-sized periods) that appear to have snowed down to rest.

Sold out.

Joel Chace is from Upstate New York and currently lives in New Jersey. He has published work in print and electronic magazines such as The Tip of the Knife, Counterexample Poetics, OR, Country Music, Infinity’s Kitchen and Jacket. He has published more than a dozen print and electronic collections, most recently Sharpsburg (Cy Gist Press), Blake’s Tree (Blue & Yellow Dog Press), Whole Cloth (Avantacular Press) and Red Power (Quarter After Press). He is the winner of the first annual Persephone Press Book Award. For over a decade he served as Poetry Editor for the online experimental magazine 5_trope.