Open Epic by Julia Dresicher Cover

Open Epic

Julia Drescher

Praise for Open Epic:

Tramping through, hunting in, being hunted in the many woods (“dark” “Horrible”) that are the terrain of this book, Drescher finds/makes a clearing where a “gwhirl” is “breathing freely” and speaks in blood. Here she, who is at once many female-marked speakers, whirls, turns back on, turns her back on the usual tellers, or hunters, in order to open the epic.
– Susan Gevirtz

Julia Drescher’s Open Epic is both examination and complex. In the context of this cosmology, Drescher’s pre-origin meditations interrupt creation per se and its attendant orders, “Descending errata” as another name for the great chain of being. In the very divide which opens language, every “behalve” compels “behave” in order to “belong.” Open Epic cannot wriggle free of the horns of this dilemma but it can, and does, wriggle, like a bell, shaking, shaken.
– Tyrone Williams

Open Epic is 83 pages. Year 2017.


Julia Drescher lives in Colorado where she co-edits the press Further Other Book Works with the poet C.J. Martin. Her work has appeared most recently in ‘Pider, Entropy, Likestarlings, Aspasiology, & Hotel.


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