Tree Talks: Southern Arizona

Wendy Burk

Wendy Burk’s Tree Talks: Southern Arizona contains eight interviews with Southern Arizona trees. Documentation and methods join and interweave these entirely readable soundscapes. As the poet explains in the Introduction:

“I came to this study as a way to consider ethics, environment, politics, communication, and failure to communicate. In carrying out the work, I asked myself how the underlying privileges and assumptions of my writing are complicit with the dominant culture’s drive to dominate, through warfare, science, or art. The poems in Tree Talks: Southern Arizona take those assumptions to what I hope is a useful extreme.”

Tree Talks: Southern Arizona is 76 pages. Year 2016.


Wendy Burk’s work has appeared in Spiral Orb,, Asymptote, Aufgabe, VOLT, Trickhouse and others. Wendy is the recipient of a 2013 National Endowment for the Arts Translation Projects Fellowship and a 2015 Artist Research and Development Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. She is the translator of Tedi López Mills’s Against the Current (Phoneme Media) and While Light Is Built (Kore Press), and is the librarian at the University of Arizona Poetry Center.


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