Zach Keebaugh

Kevorkian was printed on Somerset paper from photopolymer plates using a Vandercook 4 letterpress and handbound as an accordion structure in 28 panels.  The original cover and title page art was provided by Meg FranseeAlex Kvares donated the image which appears within the poem from his drawing “mondegreen 22.”  Kevorkian is 77 in (w) X 7 in (h) with a printing of 75.

Zachary Keebaugh holds an MA in Philosophy of Aesthetics from SUNY Buffalo.  Along with producing theoretical work on Animals, Ghosts, “Strange Intelligence” and the Uncanny, he has an exclusive and cult virtual-presence as an interpretive dancer and occasionally performs “Comedy.”  A native of Georgia, Zach currently resides in Wisconsin where he is working on an epistemological polemic entitled “Against Eclecticism.”

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